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Updated: July 2011
Map 1 Area
South of Birmingport Hwy (Ala Hwy 269) and
west of Interstate 20/59
       Mining community named (date being researched) for Andrew Moffett Adger (1846-1915), Secretary & Treasurer for DeBardeleben Coal and Iron Company.

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Hopkins Rock Creek
       Farming community around Rock Creek Baptist Church which was organized in 1822.
          Farming community named for The Farmer's Alliance Cooperative Organization which met at Liberty Baptist Church. The meetings were later moved to the newly built Meeting Hall/School which took on the name of Alliance.

History of Hueytown
               by Simon J. Smith (1962)

The History of Hueytown
               by Mary K. Roberts (1992)

A Brief History of Alabama and Hueytown

               by Ruth Davidson (2009)


Rutledge Springs
Community of a few homesites, named for James Rutledge (1789-1864), east of Bethlehem Methodist Church; obliterated in early 1970s for Interstate 20/59 right-of-way and Exit #115 ramps.

Rutledge Springs – Bethlehem Church

           (fka Piney Woods)
           Farming community around Concord Baptist Church which was organized in 1887.

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Maxine Short Creek
       Coal miner housing community, begun circa 1881-1883, built by the Woodward Iron Co. (later bought by the Mead Corp) for the company's first coal mines - Dolomite #1.

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McDonald Chapel
          Farming community around McDonald Chapel Methodist Church (organized 1866) named for Rev. William Buell McDonald (1807-1883).
Sylvan Springs
  Farming community around community church organized in 1884 as Oak Grove Methodist Church. Church was renamed West Grove and, in the 1980s, the church was renamed to First United Methodist Church of Sylvan Springs.
Area was known as Hoagtown, named for William Thomas Hogan (1847-1931) and incorporated as Sylvan Springs in 1957.

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Town of Sylvan Springs website

         Miner housing community, begun in 1911, built by the (TCI) Tennessee Coal & Iron Division of U. S. Steel Corp for the company's Edgewater coal mine.

History of Edgewater from 1911

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 Oak Grove
           Farming community around Oak Grove First Baptist Church which was organized in 1881.

An article about Toadvine
in the September 6, 1876 Iron Age newspaper

How Toadvine Got Its Name
in the September 28, 1928 The Birmingham News



North Johns

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Valley Creek
Garywood Pleasant Grove
    (fka Frog Pond & Apex)
               Farming community which expanded once the Woodward Iron Co. opened their Dolomite Mine #3 in 1916. Incorporated in January 1934.

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Virginia Mines
        Community around a coal mine shaft that opened in 1899.
Gilmore Powhatan Woodward
            Began, circa 1882-1883, as housing community for workers at the Woodward Iron Company's (later bought by the Mead Corp) blast furnaces.
Farming community around Providence Baptist Church.
         Coal miner housing community, begun in 1886, around the Tennessee, Coal & Iron Co. (TCI was bought by U. S. Steel in 1907) coal mines - Number One and Number Two.

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General Histories

Postmasters of southwest Jefferson County

Woodward Iron Company’s Land Acquisition

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Birmingham Rewound
(dedicated to our Magic City memories)

Black Warrior and Tombigbee Lakes


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Birmingham Southern Railroad

Iron & Steel Museum of Alabama

Oak Grove Mine

Shoal Creek Mine

Tennessee, Coal, Iron & Railroad Company

U.S. Steel's Ensley Works

Woodward Iron Company


Map 2 Area
North of Birmingport Hwy (Ala Hwy 269) and
west of Interstate 65
(basically northwest Jefferson County)

          Farming community named for William M. Adams (1843-1909). Coal mine opened about 1890 and the town incorporated in 1901.

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Docena   (name chosen as 'dozen' in Spanish)
         Coal miner housing community, begun circa 1905, built by the Tennessee, Coal & Iron Co. (TCI was bought by U. S. Steel in 1907) for coal mine shaft #12. The mine closed in 1962.

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         Coal mining community started in 1909 by The Birmingham Coal and Iron Company.
Woodward Iron Company bought the mine in 1910-1914.
 (Was Mulga named for the nearby Mulga Creek?)

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(Mine was opened in 1934)
Flat Creek Palos
(A coal mine was open by 1898)

Banner Mine
        Coal mine north-northwest of Graysville built by the Pratt Consolidated Coal Company which began operations on October 14, 1904. Operations ceased when?

Flat Top Pinkney City
        Coal miner housing community, begun circa 1909, built by the Tennessee, Coal & Iron Division of  U. S. Steel.

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             Community (named for or by?) around the intersection of U. S. Hwy 78 and Heflin Avenue.
Bessie / Maben
        Coal mining camp owned by Sloss-Sheffield Steel & Iron Co. J. C. Maben was president of the company in 1907.
          (fka Gin Town)

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       Mining camp for Pratt Consolidated Coal Company. Mine was operating in 1937. Community no longer exists.


(f.k.a. Cat Mountain area)
           Community around Hillview Baptist Church which was organized as New Hope Baptist Church in 1893.
Pratt City
        (fka Coketon/Coketown)
         Pratt Mines community begun in 1886; annexed into Birmingham in 1910.

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Brookside Mine
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        Named for the Lacey-Buek Iron Company which opened a coal mine in 1905. Several companies   operated the mine until it was permanently closed in      1963.
         Began as housing for coal miners at Republic Steel's coal mine.
Coal mining community for Sloss Iron & Steel Company.

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          Community northwest of Pratt City on the old Pratt Hwy.
           Sloss Iron & Steel Co.'s coal mining community. Started by Coalburg Coal and Coke Company?
          Named for William Lucius May, MD (1874-1948)
who gave the land for the Maytown Baptist Church which was organized in 1911.

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Crumly Chapel
           Farming community named for Robert Crumly (1800-1882) settled circa 1858 by Oliver Shoemaker
and Jack (John) Echols.
Mineral Springs West Jefferson

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Daisey City Minor Heights
         Community around the previous Minor High School location. The school's first full school year was 1922 -23.


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Five Mile Creek

Village Creek


  nearby Map 4 Area
East of I-20/59
in western Jefferson County
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Lloyd Nolan Hospital in Fairfield
     (a.k.a. TCI Hospital)