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In the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Thomas Jefferson Howse mother was Josephine Ophelia Vaughn Howse. Howard Howse is the son of  Thomas and Pearl Thompson Howse.
Karen Smith
I am told this picture was taken Spring 1928 at Concord School.  The sixth boy from left, back row is Quinton Eugene Wright, 1918-1993.  He and his wife Ruby Williams Wright were killed in an auto accident July 27, 1993 in Cullman Co AL.   If you can get the names of the other students and teacher, I would appreciate the list.  Thanks again.
Karen Smith
I am Mary Huey Alvarez.I am the great granddaughter of John Huey born 1817 in South Carolina and Elizabeth Fields Huey born in 1820 in Alabama.They tell me that Linna Linnie Franklin Huey is the mother of John Huey and Isaac Fields [old Isaac Fields] is the father of Elizabeth Fields Huey.They tell me that Linna Linnie's parents are Nancy Gore Franklin and Owen Franklin.Does anyone know yet who Elizabeth Fields mother was?Her name was Elizabeth too I think but what was her maiden name?Or was her mother's name Anna------.? If anyone knows please let me know.
Mary Huey Alvarez
My Name is G.Alece Quails Burkett, "My Great Grandfather was James Dallas Norris, Who along with his Wife Sarah Elizabeth Norris, donated the land that the Cemetery, School, and Concord Baptist Church Sits today My Grandmother was Jodie Norris Quails And My Parents Were Joseph Rvin Quails And Winnie Pearl Nicholson Quails, I would like to see this Information Shown, His Purpose in life was to be a farmer and Till the ground to feed his family, to have a School to Educate the children in the area, to have a Church to Teach those that would hear the word of God, and to bury the dead and I think  that was accomplished,With his Genirous gift of land along with the help of the Generations that came after,  Thank you" The Great Grand Daughter Of James Dallas Norris.
Grace Alece Quails
I am descended from Andrew Jasper Vines, brother of Lattie. I was in Birmingham (Alliance) visiting my father and also at a meeting where we are trying to make plans for a massive Vines reunion to take place in 2001. While I was there my father started talking about a small family cemetery. It turned out to be a small plot next to the old Lat Vines homeplace. I had not until this time known where Lattie and Lucinda were buried. There were only 5 graves consisting of Lattie, Lucinda, Wife of A.O. Richardson, Daughter of A.O. Richardson, and Son of A.O. Richardson. You probally already knew of these graves but I thought David Reed might like to know since he doesn't have them listed on the cementery site. I know I'm rambleing but I was really excited to find these graves.
Don Hogan
In your April Newsletter there was reference to the 3 Waldrop brothers coming from North Carolina in 1818. There were 4 Waldrop brothers who came: Joseph, Robert, Zachariah and Eziekel. Eziekel and his family stayed only a short time. From here they moved on to Samantha in Tuscaloosa County. Still later they moved on to Mississippi and eventually wound up in Tennessee. These brothers were all born in North Carolina but they left and went to South Carolina (Spartanburg). From South Carolina they went to Kentucky and possibly did not stop but a very short time and then came to Jefferson County. One of Robert's sons was born (Andrew Jackson Waldrop) in Kentucky. All of my info had believed that they came from the Carolina's too. I,too, was most surprised to find that maybe there was a detour.
Gene Hyche
One of the oldest residential communities is the Crest.  This tract of land was partitioned off as lots in the late 30's and early 40's, with my parents buying several lots.  Also, Pope Crest, houses build on property formerly owned by the Lowery family.
Carol R. DeVore
Smith, Simon J., 1894-1967, Toadvine in Its Heyday, available at Hueytown and
Bessemer libraries.  This book contains history of the area and several
family trees of early settlers.  He was what is now termed Branch Manager of
the Hueytown Post Office during the fifties.
Abby Vines Payne