Gridiron Memories
Hueytown Style

By Mike Oakley
The Western Star

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These pictures were brought in by an alumnus and member of Hueytown’s Golden Gopher football teams, who wished to remain anonymous.

The team member, who still resides in Hueytown, said the memories of the "old days" were just as fresh as they were years ago. He told of the massive crowds, the excitement building up to the actual game and the game being the highlight of the sporting year for both schools. In fact, members from schools in surrounding areas would come and fill seats in the stadiums.

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, one of the 100 jurors tasked to decide whether or not to impeach the President of the United States, was a member of the Hueytown football team of 1952. Can you guess where he is located in the picture at right?

The person to whom the pictures belong to said Bessemer Coach Snitz Snider would "recruit" players from all over to staff his teams. Included in those players were a number of High School All-American’s who would go on to greater glory on the college gridirons or, in Frank "Pig" House’s case, on Major League Baseball fields. He said, "In those days, that is .he way it was done. Bessemer had a great team for years because of Coach Snider."

These pictures are part of an ongoing effort of The Western Star to highlight the history of West Jefferson and to show the outstanding talent, both athletic, academic and otherwise, that continues to lead the area to this day.

If you are in possession of pictures of days gone by, whether athletic or not, please bring them by The Western Star.