Mud Creek School picture

Mud Creek School

March 11, 1899

As you are standing in the yard facing the two doors

1) Standing in the left school house door with hat on his head is; Winfield Rutherford Parsons; Dec 1882 to Jan 1948; UA graduate and a civil engineer.


2) On his immediate right; his twin brothers; William Blaine ("Will") Oct 1884 to 1966; and Wellington Cleveland ("Wed") Oct 1884 to Jul 1949 and I cannot tell you which one is Will or Wed. UA graduates; school teachers and farmers.


3) On the extreme left of the picture with hands in pockets; two pine trees in the back ground; their brother; Wiseman Thurman "Uncle Pugg" Parsons; Fox hunter and store keeper.


4) Smallest boy in the front row center; their brother; Woodfin Pelham Parsons; Oct 1894 to Mar 1912; died at age 18.


5) To Pelham's immediate left; Cora Laird; Jun 1892 to Jun 1941; later became Mrs. W. C. Parsons.


6) Just in front of the young lady in the white blouse; teacher behind her in the right school house door; is Margaret Virginia "Jenny" Laird Knight; later became Mrs. W. B. Parsons; The twin brothers married sisters.


7) Back to the left school house door; standing just in front of the student on the male teacher's left; B. R. Stringfellow; born and raised and lived his life just a stones throw from the school.


The Parsons' brothers were the children of Samuel Amon Parsons; 8 Oct 1858 to 1920 and Elizabeth Jane "Jenny" Roberts; 9 Feb 1862 to Dec 1943.


G.A. Parsons

(George Amon Parsons; son of Wendell Nelson Parsons & Cora Ellen Stewart)

1389 Townsend Road

Woodstock, AL 35188