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Filename Category Description Contributor Date
Waldrop Photo Box People Collection from an old box of photos Carol Atkinson (  June 2009
1  2  3  4  5  6  Arial Photos 1972 Photographs taken from airplane in 1972  Matthew Bedford June 2000
1st_methodist Church First United Methodist Church of Hueytown Sara Lee Nichols  
bethlehem_1 Church Bethlehem Church    
bethlehem_2 Church Bethlehem Church    
church4 Church African-American church in Virginia City (Republic Steel). It still stands and it has a sign on the front identifying it most recently as St. Mark's AME Church.    
n_hglds_baptist1 Church North Highlands Baptist Church

Frances Pardue

n_hglds_baptist2 Church North Highlands Baptist Chruch

Frances Pardue

prb_church1 Church Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church    
prb_church2 Church Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church    
prb_church3 Church Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church    


Church Union Hill Church 1948

Carol Hyche



Church Union Hill Church 1958

Carol Hyche

valley_creek Church Valley Creek Baptist (demolished mid l970s) Johnny Curry 2/2001


Church Vineland Park Baptist Church Ruth Davidson 2/2000
lions_club Organizations Lion's Club Sara Lee Nichols



3firemen    4firemen


First City of Hueytown Fire Dept. employees:  John Bradley, Sr. (1st chief); Charlie Brown; Jasper Jackson; Harold Moran.  First location:  Vineland Park, 20th Street, at rear of present Church parking lot.

John Bradley

carlos_stella_barrentine People    Ann Davis  
carmichael People

Arthur Carmichael & Gert Hopkin Carmichael

copeland People      
cowen_bride People      
cowen_horse People      
coston_wedding.jpg People

Click here to read description.

Ramona Anderson Winer   

delphine_marlin_vines People      
1st_council People      
gilmore People      
david_j _huey People David J Huey in front of his grocery store across the road from the old HHS Ruth Mobley 2/2002
sarah_gladys_huey People Sarah Jane Salter Huey & Gladys Bell Huey ca 1920 Ruth Mobley 2/2002
edwards_gilbert People Ora Huey Edwards - David Solomon Edwards - Rosalene Edwards Gilbert ca 1912 Ruth Mobley 2/2002
oma_huey People Oma Huey - dau of David J Huey & Sarah Jane Salter ca early 1900s Ruth Mobley 2/2002
jasper_vines jasper_vines_2.jpg People

Andrew Jasper Vines the son of John Jackie and brother to Lat Vines

Don Hogan 6/11/00
vines People

Photo taken about 1940-41.  Left to right:  Patricia Gresham Austin (contributor), Marjorie Clark Jackson (Patricia's mother), (Patricia's g-mother),(Patricia's g-g-mother), Unidentified (email 1 or 2 if you can identify)

Patricia Austin
113 Spurlock Circle, Madison Heights, VA 24572
vines_wwII People Sons of  Mrs. J.D. Vines serving in WWII:  James, Carl, Powell, Lee, Joe Cbo Waldrop 1/24/01
jh_woodward People      
judson_jones People      
louisa_smith People

Louise Smith, the daughter of Edmund Cape Smith and Minerva Waldrop

Don Hogan 6/11/00
lat_lucinde_vines People      
milton_smith People

Milton Smith working at Hoster's Foundry

Phoebe Cochran 2/2000
mortimer_jordan_md People      
owen People      
owen_cowen People      
parsons_family People   Norma Parsons 11/2000
parsons People

Wiliam Perry, WP & Ellen Parsons, Bill& Ellyn Parsons -- 50th wedding anniversary

Norma Parsons 8/2000
tilman People

Tilman L. SALTER s/o Young Salter and Elizabeth b. abt 1818 SC died 18 Apr 1900 Jefferson Co., AL

Kathy Houck

sexton_salter People Henry Jefferson Sexton & Nancy Kathryn Salter (buried at Rock Creek Baptist Church Cemetery) Nancy Sexton Oliver 9/2001
sallie_smith People Photo copied from Toadvine in its Heydey by Simon Smith    
woman_busdriver People

first female school "truck" driver for JefCoEd (Alliance)

Norma Teague

world_series People Hueytown Team from 1963 Dixie Youth World Series

Gary Jordan


AWRiley People Allen Watson Riley who is buried at the Rock Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Riley Jarrett Farrell 12/03
People 1 Bob and Margaret Hughes with Ed Robertson
2 George Lucias Whitfield Anthony
3 James Harvey Robertson Sr.
4 Mary E.L. Anthony (Wife of Jame H. Robertson Sr.)
These individuals are buried in Village Falls & Bethlehem Methodist Church Cemetery.

green1 People Geo Silas Higgins Alice Ethel Shoemaker Higgins 2 5/04
green2 People Edward-Monnie-Minnie Higgins & Bertha Agnes Higgins Hicks 5/04
green3 People Geo Silas Higgins Alice Ethel Shoemaker Higgins Bertha Agnes Higgins Hicks Hiram Vertis Higgins 5/04
green4 People Geo Silas Higgins Alice Ethel Shoemaker Higgins 5/04
stringfellow People Stringfellow's Family on the front porch of Mud Creek Baptist Church (ca 1902)  legend for photo 10/05
morton crumpton Place 108 Kenilworth Rd. ca 1929 built by HG Morton Ruth Davidson 9/2000
moyer Place 2610 High School Road ca 1920 built by David Moyer Ruth Davidson 9/2000
parsons house Place 100 Kenilworth Rd. ca 1928 built by Edward J. Parsons Ruth Davidson 9/2000
bid skates Place 1265 Hueytown Road ca 1905 built by Bishop M. "Bid" Skates Ruth Davidson 9/2000
skates Place 1267 Hueytown Road ca 1905 built by Jake Skates, original hitching post by mail box in 1983 Ruth Davidson 9/2000
waldrop huey noe Place 3002 Warrior River Road ca 1875 - razed - built by Robert Floyd Waldrop Ruth Davidson 9/2000
huey bird Place corner of Warrior River Road and East Crest Road ca 1921 built by S.C. "Pat" Huey Ruth Davidson 9/2000
huey phillips Place 3091 Warrior River Road original 2 rooms 1866, remodeled 1900 & 1929 - razed 1998 Ruth Davidson 9/2000
4 Place      
5 Place      
blastfurnace Place      
buddy_vines_camp Place      
old_cityhall Place

First city hall was located next to Vineland Park Baptist Church

Johnny Curry 11/2000
cityhall1 Place      
cityhall2 Place      
dolomite2 Place      
firedept63    firetruck63 Place

Hueytown Fire Department
Trucks:  1960 Howe and 1964 GMC (Engine)

John Bradley

hyche_49 Place

Hyche's Grocery, Concord, AL 1949

Carol Hyche

iceburg_inside Place      
iceburg1 Place      
iceburg2 Place      
inside_buddy_vines Place

The man and woman seated in front of the fireplace are Buddy Vines and his wife.  The black woman standing at the door was called 'Ol Mary.

Marlin Vines (son of Buddy Vines)   
loghouse Place

Copeland/Russell House (Hueytown Historical Society--future home)

Kay Huey

smith_house Place

Home Of Ira Gore Smith Family (Hueytown Historical Society--future site)

Geri Worley

outside_buddy_vines Place      
owenhouse Place      
service_station Place      
waite1  waite2 Place

Home of Jeff & Jacque Waite located on Forrest Road.  House is depicted on the Historical Society Pins 

Joe Dennis 3/2000
westlake Place      
woodward Place      
dixie_walker_hardware.jpg Place      
foodtown.jpg Place      
hueytown_drug.jpg Place      
hueytown_drug2.jpg Place      
postoffice1.jpg Place      
theatre.jpg Place      
thompson_grocery.jpg Place      
hhs_school1 School Hueytown High School    
hhs_school2 School HHS - Auditorium/Gym    
hhs_school3 School HHS - HomeEc & Classrooms    
hhs_school9 School Hueytown High School    
school1 School McNeil Annex    
school2 School McNeil School    
Mud_Creek_1899 School Mud Creek School 1899 G. A. Parsons 8/2001
school3 School Virginia Mines School 1    
school_12 School Virginia Mines School 2    
school6 School Dolomite School 1    
school7 School Dolomite School 2    
school8 School Concord School    
concord_school School Concord School -Spring 1928

Karen Smith

school_11 School Hueytown School    
school_1911 School Hueytown School - Across from Pleasant Ridge Church    
school_1912 School Hueytown School - Across from Pleasant Ridge Church    
school_1913_1914 School      
creagh_1963 Students Ms. Creagh's 2nd Grade Class at Hueytown Elementary School 1964-64 Johnny Curry 11/2000
may_day_1927 Students May Day Program Phoebe Cochran 2/2000
may_day_1940 Students May Day Program - Miss Ruby's Class of 1940    
girl_ball_1921 Students Hueytown Girls Basketball Team of 1921    
hhs36 Students HHS Class of 1936 Guy Hubbs 10/2000
cheer_pep39 Students 1939 HHS Cheerleaders & Pep Squad Phoebe Cochran 2/2000
football_39 Students 1939 HHS Football    
football_40 Students 1940 HHS Football Phoebe Cochran 2/2000
football_51 Students 1951 HHS Football    
football_52 Students 1952 HHS Football    
football_inset Students      
hhs31 Students Top row: Lois Rickles, Samuel Knight, Clara Dabbs, Willie Cochran, Nellie Waldrop, Frank Hyche, Lois Hand
2nd row: Palma Gilbert, Edwin Neville (Class President), Annie Mae Reed (Vice President), Iola Harris (Secretary), Talmadge Foust (Treasurer), Bessie Thompson
3rd row: Gilbert Vines, Junnie Reeves, Bessie Lee Jones, Joe Moyer
4th row: Lora Crowder, Roy Price, Gula Gilmore, Louise Drew, Roy Reeves, Sarah Gamble.
Debra Reeves DeLisle
(granddaughter of Roy Reeves)
students_39 Students 1939 HHS Students    
hhsband1 Students 1941-42 School Year
L to R Leatrice Jackson, Dorothy Van Sant, Paul Ray Wildes
Paul Ray Wildes 6/4/2000
hhsband2 Students 1941 - Dorothy Va Sant Paul Ray Wildes 6/4/2000
hhsband3 Students 1941 - Paul Ray Wildes Paul Ray Wildes 6/4/2000
hhsband4 Students 1941 - Leatrice Jackson Hydrick, Paul Ray Wildes and
Dorothy Van Sant Wildes 
Paul Ray Wildes 6/4/2000
bndgrads Students 1988 - 50th anniversary of HHS band formation. (l to r) Dr. Edwin G. Waldrop, Mr. Bush Mumpower (marching instructor of the first marching band), Dr. Henry C. Miller & Paul Ray Wildes Paul Ray Wildes 6/4/2000
waldrop_class_1943 Students Miss Cora Waldrop's 8th grade class    

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